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Over the last years internet access & speed has definitely improved on Ibiza.
Glass fiber lines are still not available to this rocky island, but today’s ADSL / broad band internet connections, also through satellite, are commonly installed in Ibiza and you may expect an max. 6mb upload / 20mb download.

Internet access also has become a usual service in all sorts of venues on Ibiza Island.
Hotels, bars, beach clubs & resorts and restaurants offer wireless Internet access to holiday makers, so island visitors can check their e-mails and facebook or surf the internet for fun and information.  * Simply ask for the access key !
Don’t expect the internet speed you are used to back home!! It all depends on your location, and how many users share the connection. Just practice patience, or go out and have fun.

There are some recognizable Internet cafe’s, but Ibiza also hosts Internet shops, cybercafés
and a lot of local ’locatarios’, of which you should be ware of, because they use pirate software mostly.

Are you new to living in Ibiza? Did you choose a home in a remote spot? No worries.
The latest technology is available to choose the best internet option for your location: ADSL, Satellite, Wimax, 3G or 4G LTE, as are quality installations for Wifi, Hotspot, Networks, Security Camera etc.

Ibiza Internet provides all information about Internet providers, on Ibiza, including sites that offer various internet services, such as webhosting, domain registry, web design & software and internet shops providing computer hardware and pc repairs.

Ibiza Internet also includes sites that provide online information on a variety of topics, such as: internet services, computer repairers, -installers, -programmers, e-mail services, hosting services, web designers and web promotion.
Practical websites such as the Ibiza Bus timetable, a number of companies-charts, stores and online shops that are located on the island of Ibiza.

iTOM IBIZA > Ibiza Internet and Multimedia Specialists, specialized in high speed internet access, even in remote spots

Ibiza Internet & Multimedia Specialists
Specialized in high speed internet access in Ibiza,

even in remote spots
iTOM IBIZA brings high speed internet access: ADSL, 2Way Satellite, Wimax, 3G or 4G LTE to your home and office and provides:
Quality installations: Wifi, Hotspot, Networks, Security Camera CCTV, Multimedia, Satellite TV, Home Cinema
Point of Sale: Hardware and Software, incl.: restaurant software Lightspeed POS | TPV with the latest technology to successfully run a restaurant.
iTOM ITC services: web design, domain hosting, computer repair!
* Multilingual services: English, French, German, Dutch & Spanish

IBIZA COMPUTERS > Computer Repair Services Ibiza
Computer Repair Services Ibiza
On-the-spot computer repair service at home, office etc.:
- Repair services for computer, mobile phone, laptop, tablet etc..
- Installations & maintenance of any IT equipment.
- Help & classes to people that need help with today's technology, such as computer, laptop, tablet, phone or smart TV
- Hardware & software

* Multilingual services in English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Catalan & Eivissenc
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